UB Bonus Code

Ultimate Bet, also referred to as UB.com has closed. If your looking for an alternative room, check out this website's list of the new us poker sites 2012.

If you are signing up for UB.com you will want to make sure you enter the official UB Referral Code HREVIEW in order to receive a special UB Referral Code Bonus.

The UB Referral Code will get you Free Money when you make your first deposit at UB to play poker online for real money.

This UB referral code bonus is a 111% match bonus, which is much larger than the average 50-100% bonus that most online poker rooms will give out. Instead of being capped at $500 or $600 like the most popular size poker bonus, the UB Referral Code bonus is capped at a huge $1100!

Entering UB Referral Code

You will need to type in the UB Referral Code HREVIEW when you are signing up for a new player account at UB.

On Step 1 which is called "Account Information" you will see the Referral Code field (optional). This Referral Code field is not optional at all if you want the special Free Money bonus ;) - Type in the UB Referral Code HREVIEW in the field.

Even if you don't want to play poker for real money at UB right away you should still enter the UB Referral Code in case you decide to play real money online poker at UB down the road! You will still qualify for this special bonus by entering the referral code!

Exactly how much Free Money will I get from this UB Referral Code?

Calculating your bonus is pretty easy if you have a calculator. All you need to do is take the amount you are going to deposit at UB for your first deposit and multiple that number by 1.11 (or 111%).

For example if you were going to deposit $50 you would take 50 and multiple it by 1.11 to get 55.55. This means you would receive $55.55 of FREE bonus money on top of your $50 for a total of $105.55!

If you are a high roller poker player wanting to deposit $800, lets say, you would take 800 x 1.11 to find out you will receive $888 in bonus money for a total of $1688 to start off with at UB!

Can I get any better bonuses using a different UB Referral Code?

No, UB has a standard bonus of 111% up to $1100 for all UB referral codes you will find on the internet. If you search for other codes you may get out dated codes that aren't going to give you any bonus at all. Check the top of this page to see when our UB code was last updated - it is usually every single morning (unless we are on holidays).

Is UB the best online poker room?

I think so, yes. UB Is no doubt in the top three for online poker rooms, and I rank them as my favorite online poker site to play at. The competition is easier at UB than the other top online poker rooms and they have some of the best poker promotions I have ever seen online. The VIP program at UB is top notch, giving a lot back to their loyal players. You won't regret signing up for an account at UB, but make sure you use the referral code to ensure you receive the special bonus!

More about UB

Want to know more about the UB Poker room before entering the UB referral code for a bonus? Read our UB Poker Review or UB Deposit Options pages which are two great resources we have on the site to help you learn more about UB!