UB Raise Points

UB Raise points are a type of frequent player point that UB uses to rewards its loyal players. As you play in real money poker games at UB, these points are automatically added to your account. You can then convert these points into cash, trade them in for deposit bonuses, purchase items from the UB store and more. The UB Raise Points are also used for clearing the UB Referral Code first deposit bonus.

Earning Raise Points

There are actually two types of Raise points: Status Points and UltimatePoints. Whenever you play in real money ring games or tournament at UB, you are credited with both types of points.

Status Points are used to place you in the Raise VIP program at UB. For every $0.30 you pay in rake or tournament fees, one Status Point is automatically added to your account. As you accumulate these points, you are moved up through the five levels of the VIP program.

When you first begin at the lower levels of the VIP Program, you earn UltimatePoints on a 1:1 basis as you earn Status Points. As you move up in levels, you earn UltimatePoints at a faster and faster rate. At level 5 of the VIP program, you will earn five UltimatePoints for every Status Point you earn.

The five levels of the UB Raise Program are:

Member – Earn 0 Status Points per month
Player – Earn 50 Status Points per month
Contender – Earn 500 Status Points per month
Legend – Earn 2,500 Status Points per month
Icon – Earn 10,000 Status Points per month

Spending UltimatePoints

The UltimatePoints that you earn can be used at the Raise Store to purchase items such as electronics, clothing and poker gear. There’s quite a bit of selection in the Raise Store but if you don’t like what you see, you can always trade in your points for straight up cash.

UltimatePoints can be redeemed for $0.007 per point. Contenders can trade in their points for up to $50 a month, Legends can get up to $250 a month and Icons can get up to $1,000 a month.