Team UB

Team UB is a group of professional poker players that play online exclusively at These poker players come from all different backgrounds and levels of fame. Some of the more well-known live pros include Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke. There are also a few noted online pros that some of you more hardcore players may recognize.

The members of Team UB endorse UB and serve as the face of the poker site. They play poker there, they wear UB gear to major live tournaments and they serve as a sort of trust factor for new poker players. Right now, there are sixteen members of Team UB.

Play Against the Pros

It’s probably not a good idea to play against any member of Team UB for significant money, but it is definitely exciting. You can find members of Team UB online at random times and at all stakes. The pros usually stick with high stakes games, but they occasionally venture down to the low stakes tables to give the low stakes players a chance to play as well.

You can also find the members of Team UB online during the $200K Guarantee every Sundays. The UB pros play in that tournament each week and you can play against them simply by joining. If you knock a pro out, you’ll get a $215 bonus paid straight to your account - this is just one of's great promotions they offer.

Team UB Members

Phil Hellmuth serves as the “captain” of Team UB. He’s the most well-known pro and typically takes the forefront of Team UB. Phil’s reputation as a skilled but hot-headed tournament player has made him one of the most recognized poker players in the world. The other members of Team UB are known more for their skill at the tables than anything else.

The complete roster of Team UB includes:

• Phil Hellmuth
• Annie Duke
• Adam “Roothlus” Levy
• Billy Kopp
• Brandon Cantu
• Bryan Devonshire
• Gary “Debo34” Debernardi
• Eric Baldwin
• Hollywood Dave
• Joe Sebok
• Liv Boeree
• Matt Graham
• Michael Binger
• Mark “Poker H0” Kroon
• Scott Ian
• Tiffany Michelle