UB Screenshots

Below I will update this section with screenshots from the UB Poker software so you can get a look at it before you download!

This first picture is the UB Referral Code - enter the code HREVIEW here when signing up and you will get $1100 in Free Money! Don't forget the referral code or you will not receive the special free money bonus.

UB Referral Code

Below is a screenshot of the poker tables at UB - As you can see the UB poker tables are laid out very nicely and clean and are great to play online at. Read our in-depth UB Poker Review if you are interested in learning more about playing poker at UB.

UB Poker Table

Here is two pictures of the UB Casino - The UB Casino is attached to the poker software, allowing you to play some casino games whenever you like. When I am waiting around for a tournament to start I usually find myself playing a little blackjack to kill time.

UB Casino UB Roulette